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Helical piles (referred to as screw piles) are unique among foundation systems. They can be loaded immediately after installation and don’t take time to harden.


Residential or commercial foundations. Projects include but not limited to: garages, shops, decks, outdoor living spaces, additions and foundation repair.

How Do They Work

Helical piles, are a screw-in pile used to build deep foundation systems and ground anchoring systems. A helical pile consists of a central shaft (circular or square) and a helix plate(s). The helix plates are press-formed with a predetermined pitch to resemble a screw are welded to the shaft. They are fabricated in various sizes and configurations to meet different types of loading and logistical requirements. The size and configuration of a helical pile is based on the design load the pile will carry, the existing soil conditions, the corrosiveness of the existing soils and the service life of the structure.

The load is transferred from the shaft to the helix plate(s) which is driven below grade into the strongest possible soil conditions. The helical pile is “screwed” into the ground by a high torque/low speed hydraulic drive motor which can be attached to numerous types of equipment including an excavator, skid steer, etc. Helical piles are unaffected by the presence of a high water table and caving soil conditions.


Product Max
M1 Helical Pile 11kips 2.375″ 8″ 5′
M2 Helical Pile 19kips 3.000″ 10″ 6′
M3 Helical Pile 29kips 3.500″ 12″, 14″ 10′

We supply galvanized helical piles for residential and commercial usage. We provide very experienced, knowledgeable service for landscapers, deck contractors, construction companies and more.

We supply standard and custom piles, extensions, caps and brackets. Talk to us, the helical pile professionals servicing Orangeville, Alliston, Belwood, Barrie and surrounding areas.

Custom Fabrication
We can custom build helical pile products to fit your project specifications. Made in Ontario.


  • Underpinning brackets
  • Adjustable Saddles
  • Flat Caps
  • Stationary Saddles
  • Custom Brackets
  • Shaft Extensions


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Helical Piles provide robust, long-lasting foundations for many applications


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